Foresight Initiatives Developer

Strategic Transition, Investment & Innovation Advisor

Wilfried De Wever
I help clients and organizations build balanced growth paths and take risks wisely. I challenge them, build resilience, and let them stay ahead of the curve by tackling problems on the rise and uncovering new opportunities. During the last 17 years, I developed a toolkit of tried and tested methods and nurtured a broad international network. I advise private individuals, commercial, not-for-profit, and public sector clients.

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My services
problems i can help you tackle
I offer in person and e-consultation to help with the following challenges:
- You lack an overview of local or global trends. You would like to have more clarity and foresight
- You have a very clear view on a particular problem but you feel you lack the creativity or know how to turn that problem into an opportunity
- You have one or more ideas but you don't know how to transform them into a public good or private venture
- You face paralysis. You struggle to build and move a team or organization in a certain direction and inspire them. Perhaps there is too much hesitation about whether to buy, build, or partner. You need to speed things up while remaining considerate. You would like a just transition that maintains harmony.
- You face an international and competitive environment and want to start to take advantage of the international context and initiate more international collaborations
- You struggle to assess the feasibility and impact of a new initiative
- You feel stuck in launching small efforts and want to bring scale to your transformational efforts.
results of working with me
- A higher return on investment and a just transition pathway
- Enhanced understanding of risks, feasibility, impact, strengths, and more future readiness
- Fleshed out and meaningful ideas that have the power to inspire you and your team(s) and can trigger them into action
- Ongoing and pro-active experimentation and learning
- The rapid development of innovative solutions, public goods, or private ventures
- Increased levels of inspiration and collaboration
- Lasting systems to underpin further investments, acquisitions, partnering, innovation, internationalization, and learning
Price list
There is a price list for my basic services per hour
First 15 minute conversation
Commercial clients consultation
€80 - €300
Do good / social impact clients
€0 - €50
Sales support agency fee
Startup equity recognition
Combining a background in law, economics, impact investing, and innovation, I have more than 17 years of international experience in advisory, entrepreneurial, and managerial roles. I work both locally and internationally from the Netherlands.

- Acting senior consultant to, or program manager and director in large for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and promising startups.
- Built and managed a global team of 12 and grew a global accelerator at an average annual growth rate of 56%
- Established an effective Hub presence in 6 markets: the Netherlands, Ukraine, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda
- Delivered on time and high quality results in 11 high profile European and global projects: innovation development, coalition building, strategic advice, feasibility studies, and impact assessments.
- Co-developed or founded a number of creative ventures and three distinct international web platforms and stakeholder networks.

Overall results I am proud of

1. More valuable interactions: Ran more than 20 national and international flagship events and Innovation Challenges around 8 different impact themes such as SME Empowerment, Migration, Living Wages, and Human Rights with a (roughly) estimated reach of 1 000 000 individuals and a direct engagement of about 4000 selected individuals.

2. More support structures for a safer, more resilient and more peaceful world by having supported the initiation of the following platforms, programs or centers:
- Foresight Transitions: Foresight Properties - Foresight Influencers - Foresight Policies
- Humanity Solutions
- HiiL Global Justice Accelerator
- The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
- The EU vehicle information exchange
- ACT : a ground breaking agreement and coalition between global brands, retailers and trade unions
- The Wildlife Justice Commission: : an innovative international wildlife crime investigation and accountability mechanism
- The Exchange Mechanism for Exchange of Police Records between EU Member States
- The EU Integration Website
- The EU Immigration Website

3. More empowered, skilled, and impactful entrepreneurs and innovators: I assessed more than 1500 innovative ideas on their merit and advised, invested in, and accelerated more than 40 innovations such as: - - - - - - - - Legalnodes -

4. A more holistic and inclusive reflection on the next steps to take to tackle complex problems: I played a pivotal role in the following strategic advisory projects, research programs, and feasibility and/or impact assessments:

- From innovation methods to an ING customer empowerment plan of action
- Summanity: pathways forward in an evolving world
- Justice Innovation Plan UAE
- Future Strategy of EU Border Control
- UNODC Data Quality Policy
- Review of National Criminal Records Systems in the European Union
- Assessing the feasibility of conferring executive powers to foreign border control officers
- Evaluating, developing and preparing recommendations for improving the European CLAB database for consumer protection

Assets under management and networks of association


Foresight Transitions, Foresight Properties, Foresight Influencers, and Foresight Policies : A strategic alliance that helps its clients develop, and shape their future today, one concrete step at a time.
Humanity Solutions and Summanity : A network supporting its members to develop globally relevant solutions and to navigate challenges and opportunities presented by social, economic, and environmental changes
Board member:
SEMA : SEMA is a not-for-profit organization gathering citizen voices to improve public services

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